Austin City Manufacturing Expansion 2024-2025

We are expanding our manufacturing capabilities with renewed focus on our core business:
Miniature PCB-mounted DC-to-DC Converters and Power Products.

Accepting your orders and inquiries now.

AEB Sapphire Corporation offers your tech business:

Custom designs to specifications
Engineering solutions
Prototype development
OEM manufacturing
CM Assembly & Encapsulation

Thank you for your interest in our company and our services.

AEB Sapphire Corporation offers custom DC power solutions.

Incorporated in 1994, AEB Sapphire Corporation is a manufacturer of custom power supplies, capacitor chargers and DC-to-DC converters, as well as our standard line of high-isolation DC-DC converters which we were first to innovate and offer.

If your business is having trouble sourcing a unique power supply or converter – or if the product you require simply does not exist, send us your RFQ. Our design and manufacturing capabilities span the range from small PCB-mounted devices to laboratory grade systems with full-featured front panel controls and instrumentation.

Whatever your end product or process, AEB Sapphire offers the skill set and team to meet your requirements without compromise.

See our application list on the About Us page for more.

Our Customers and End Users Include:

Lam Research

General Electric

Shockwave Medical

Jabil Circuit Penang

Ford Motor Company

Varian Medical Systems (now Varex)

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories

Encore Electronics

Tecknowledgey Inc

Delphi Automotive

National University Singapore

North Carolina State University

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