Established in 1994

Our niche is custom products, and we love to design, innovate and break new ground.

Due to the highly specialized nature of our work, AEB Sapphire products typically do not fit the description of a standard category item. Our team can handle the unique applications, challenging design specifications, custom features, functions and packaging that you will not find on any shelf.

If your DC-DC converter or off-line power supply requirement is proving difficult to source or if the product simply does not exist in the marketplace, contact us here or email your RFQ to sales@aebsapphire.com.

We welcome your inquiries.

See our Products page for more information, or get to know us better by the applications below.

Applications – from low cost e-Filter supplies to Ion Implantation:

Semiconductor Equipment

Alternative Energy

Off-line and Off-grid

Battery powered

Fuel cell applications

Battery charging

Capacitor charging

Electric vehicle

Laboratory research

DoD Energy Research

Electrostatic processes

Automotive and marine

Power factor correction

Medical applications

Emission source

Filament supplies


Material deposition


Industrial processes

Vacuum processes


Our mission is to establish worthy, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and to provide the technology industry with exceptional power products that will benefit people everywhere. In the end, its about people – and how we can be of service to the world.





Mutual Respect




We believe that when you love what you do and are rewarded and respected for your work, then Work and Freedom are not mutually exclusive, but one and the same. That Freedom is contagious, especially when two parties come together for a common cause.

When our thoughts and actions are in alignment with our core values, great things are created.


We visualize a world in which all technology is designed around the core principle of making the world a better, cleaner and more efficient place. Where people safely and effectively use technology rather than a world where technology uses people.

Let’s think, dream and build technology that is sustainable and responsible – ethically, environmentally, socially.

The choices we all make have a cumulative, global effect. With awareness and wisdom, there exists a future in which using energy and technology is not a detriment to ourselves or the planet, but a total life upgrade. One in which there is little waste, the air is clean, and healthy food and water are abundant.

It all starts with a thought…

Create with purpose!

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